FO Friday: Queen Anne’s Lace shawl

I finally finished the shawl I’ve been working on for forever.  (Well, I finished it a while ago but only just now got around to a blog post about it.  oops!)
It was my ‘downtime’ knitting project for when I wasn’t working on my own designs and when I needed some knitting with me, so it was worked on very sporadically.

Pattern:  Queen Anne’s Lace by MMario
Yarn: Knit Picks Shadow in color ‘Altitude’ – 3 skeins
Needles: US 6
Started:  March 14, 2014
Finished:  May 20, 2015
Modifications:  I followed the pattern pretty much as written, except for the very end.  I didn’t like that the final motif didn’t come to a point, so I added rows bringing that motif to a point, then added about 12 rows of basic point lace to the very edge to give the edge a more lacy look.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, now I just need Fall to get here so I can wear it!

I have a few blog posts in the works, so hopefully it won’t be so long before my next post.  Until then, Happy Knitting!

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Video Tutorial: Two Row Bind Off

The two row bind off creates a firm, non-elastic bind off which looks good on stockinette fabric, but even better on 1×1 ribbing.  The BO edge ends up having eyelets which work perfectly for adding fringe to the edge of your knitting – on a scarf for example.

I filmed a quick video tutorial on this bind off, since I couldn’t easily find any videos out there for it!  It’s super easy to work.

Give this bind off a try sometime!

Happy Knitting!

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New Pattern: Graphite Socks







Did you check out the most recent issue of Cast On magazine?  I have another new sock pattern in the May-July 2015 issue: Graphite Socks.

These socks are knit from the toe up with an afterthought heel.  The pattern is a slipped stitch pattern, so they look much more complicated than they really are!  Only one color is used at a time, but the slipped stitches intermingle the colors (when more than one color is used).  These were really fun to design and knit!

Check out Cast On if you like these!

Happy Knitting!

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New Pattern: Moissanite Shawl

Moissanite Shawl

Hello again! I’ve been quite busy knitting away, even though I haven’t had time to post here – I keep meaning to post more often, but life keeps getting in the way!! I do have some tutorial posts in the works, so stay tuned for those in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile – here is my latest pattern:  the Moissanite Shawl!

This is knit in fingering weight yarn, and requires at least 1000 yards. It’s very customizable, though, so you may need much more than that if you add to the lace repeats.

Silicon Carbide, or Moissanite, is a rare natural mineral. It is almost as hard as diamonds, and has a fiery brilliance—so it is sometimes used as a diamond gemstone substitute. I found it a fitting name for this shawl made with several different diamond motifs.

The shawl is knit from the top down with a center spine diamond panel and gradually changing diamond lace on the sides. It is designed as more than a triangle to sit snug upon the shoulders. Size is customizable – I designed the lace patterns so that any number of repeats of the individual motifs can be knit.

Both charts AND written lace directions are included.

Sample shawl finished size:
Spine height 30 inches
Width 52 inches.

The pattern is $5.00 and you can buy now through Ravelry!

Enjoy – and Happy Knitting!

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New Pattern: Playbook Sweater Vest

I just released another new pattern – the Playbook Sweater Vest!  This is a pattern for a child’s v-neck vest.  I originally designed this as my Master Knitter Level 2 vest.

Playbook Sweater Vest

This is a vest knit in pieces from the bottom up – with cables on each side of front and back.  The neckline and armhole ribbing is knit afterwards, with the sides seamed last.

I designed it to fit my son, who loves to watch football, so the ‘playbook’ name seemed a better fit than the more traditional ‘hugs and kisses’ that the cable I used tends to evoke.

Playbook Sweater Vest

The yarn used was Knit Picks Merino Style, but any similar wool blend DK weight yarn can be used.  Between 650 and 800 yards will be needed depending on size selected.

Sizes: Child Small/6, Child Medium/10, Child Large/14.

Finished Measurements:
Chest: 12, (14, 15.5) inches.
Length: 15.5, (18, 20) inches.

Needles: US5 and US6.

It’s a sweet little vest, and I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Knitting!

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