Wherefore art thou, Romeo?

….Here is my finished Juliet cardigan!

Pattern: Juliet from Zephyr Style
Yarn: Plymouth Royal Silk Merino in White (held double) – 10 skeins
Needles: US 10.5 (6.5mm)
Pattern Size made: XS (fyi, this pattern runs really big)

Modifications: I made several modifications to get the exact fit that I wanted in this sweater. I knew I didn’t want to do the cropped version, or have the lace start right at the middle of the bust line (can you say maternity sweater??). And I don’t particularly care for really short cap sleeves. So….here are the mods I made:

1. I did two extra increase rows (4 extra rows total) prior to starting the sleeve division. I ended up here with 110 sts. I wanted a bit more room in the armhole area.

2. I then worked the garter section until just at the bottom bust line. This was about 3 inches past the sleeve division.

3. I then increased a smaller number than called for in the pattern prior to starting the lace- I didn’t want the baby-doll flare that I thought would look maternity-ish. I wanted a more trim look. So I increased as follows: K3, (K4, Kf&b&f) repeat 10x, K2, M1, K2, (kf&b&f, K4) repeat 10x, K3 = 151 sts.

4. I ended up doing 6 repeats of the lace section, which ended up about at my hip bone.

5. I did 6 extra rows on the sleeves to make them slightly longer.

6. I fastened it at the lower bust line with two buttons, instead of staggering the buttons up the front.

Things I would do different if I had it to do over:

I don’t particularly care for how the underarm section of the sleeves bunches up. I would try to increase the length of the cap sleeves without adding to the bulk in the underarm area – probably with short rows. I may actually rip them out and re-do them at some point. Other than that I’m really happy with it.

“Good night, Good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow!”


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I'm a TKGA certified Master Knitter. I'm a knitwear designer and a knitting instructor. I'm also a stay at home and homeschooling mom of two wonderful boys. They sure keep me on my toes! When I'm not teaching or chasing around the boys, I'm knitting, designing, or reading!!
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