More waiting…

This time on my resubmits!! 🙂

I got my box back a week ago (yay!!), and had a few things to redo, but really not much!  My sweater and hat (and related patterns) all passed, as well as my reports and book/magazine reviews.  Whew!!  I just had three swatches to redo or fix, and one mini swatch to submit showing a technique I had done wrong on one swatch.  Several of my patterns and information sheets needed editing or more info added as well. And I had to add more info to 4 of my answers to the questions.

Swatch #1 - resubmit

Swatch #1 resubmit – tubular cast on and bind off. Plus gauge calculations. (That’s why the pink yarn is there.)

My swatch #1 needed redoing because a) I had too tight a gauge for the worsted weight yarn and b) I didn’t actually do a tubular cast on and bind off! Duh!! I don’t know what I was thinking – only that I must not have been thinking! I had done an invisible cast on and bind off, but not tubular! So, I had to do that one over, of course!! 🙂 (I’m still kicking myself on that one!!)

Swatch # 8 resubmit

Swatch #8 – Herringbone stitch (resubmit)

My Swatch #8 – the herringbone one, didn’t have the bind off done in pattern, so that one needed fixing. Instead of knitting the whole thing over I simply ripped out the bind off and did it correctly. Then I blocked it again.

Mini swatch for #14

Swatch #14 – mini swatch – front

Mini swatch for #14

Swatch #14 mini swatch – back. (Notice the right hand side.)

So, my Swatch #18 – the slipped stitch swatch, passed, but my method of carrying the yarn on the side wasn’t ideal – it left a ‘barber pole’ effect. (My original swatch is in with resubmits, otherwise I’d show you a picture of the back of it to compare! Maybe when I get it back I can do that – to show the difference.) So, I had to knit a mini-swatch of my pattern showing the more appropriate method of carrying the yarn up the side.

Swatch #18 resubmit

Swatch #18 – resubmit.

Then my swatch #18 – the duplicate stitch swatch – was really good except for a couple spots where my weaving of my yarn ends showed through to the front, because I had done them wrong! (I forgot to take a picture of the swatch with the spots indicated, oops!) Anyway, this one I fixed by undoing all my yarn end weavings (even the ones not pointed out to me!) and redid them correctly. I would have ripped out the whole bottom of the S and done it over (because there’s still a spot or two that I didn’t like) but I have no more of the blue yarn to have it match! Yikes! I looked all over for more of the blue and can’t find it anywhere! I hope it passes as it is, otherwise I might have to do the whole swatch over again (I hope not, though!)

I worked my butt off over the weekend and got everything done and mailed it back in on Tuesday (which happened to be my birthday!) 🙂  So I was one happy gal!

Now it’s just another waiting game to see if I my resubmits are accepted or if I have more work to do.  We’ll see – fingers and needles crossed!!

Happy Knitting everyone!!


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I'm a TKGA certified Master Knitter. I'm a knitwear designer and a knitting instructor. I'm also a stay at home and homeschooling mom of two wonderful boys. They sure keep me on my toes! When I'm not teaching or chasing around the boys, I'm knitting, designing, or reading!!
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