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I am in love with these colors!

I’m almost done with my Sacre Coeur shawl, and a good thing, too!  My design yarn will be arriving any day now and as soon as it gets here I’ll need to bust my behind to get my socks knitted for the upcoming issue of Cast On!  (The deadline is fast approaching, and I’m getting a little bit nervous!)  I’m a pretty fast sock knitter though, and the pattern is (mostly) written, so hopefully it all goes well. 🙂

Stay tuned – I have another teaching gig lined up that I’m excited about!  Classes haven’t been posted yet, so I can’t share just yet. 🙂 But it should be ‘shareable’ soon!

Until next time, Happy Knitting!!


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More mail from Estonia!

Hi again!  (I’m trying to do better at posting every week, we’ll see how long I can keep this up!)

So, earlier this week I received another parcel from overseas!  Well, two actually.  After getting the stitch dictionary I posted about earlier, I decided I needed a copy of the first edition as well, so I snagged one off of eBay.  I probably didn’t need to –  but there are a few stitch patterns in it that aren’t in the second edition, so you know – my ‘had to have it’ reflex kicked in. 🙂


1st edition. 1978.

My second parcel was my order from Saara.   I ordered a couple books and some yarn while I was at it.  The parcel took a bit of time to get here, but it was packaged very well and made it in excellent shape.

I’m anxious to cast on with this yarn!  And the books are both stunning.


Yarn: Hea 30/2 – 100% wool laceweight, about 1600 yards per skein.

The ‘Traditions and Techniques’ book is chock full of historical information as well as stitch patterns and knitting techniques for everything from casting on to stranding, Estonian lace, entrelac and brioche, among several others.


The ‘Haapsalu Shawl’ book is a large, beautiful coffee-table quality book.  It has a good section on the history of the Haapsalu shawl, with gorgeous photos throughout.  The bulk of the book is the stitch patterns, and they are presented with clear and large photos and charts.dsc02100dsc02101dsc02102I am very happy with my haul from Estonia, and am now more than ready to tackle writing my article on Estonian Lace!

On the knitting front, my lace shawl is coming along nicely!  I’m not sure how much of it I’ll get done before my design yarn comes in a week or so – I’m doing a pair of socks for the next edition of Cast On, so as soon as that yarn arrives I’ll need to start working on those.

dsc02105Pattern:  Sacre Coeur
Yarn: CTW Hunter Yarns Sparkle Sock in color Frozen Icicles

Oh, and in case in you didn’t know – this whole month is the yarnlovechallenge over on Instagram!  I’m doing my best to play along every day – check me out on Instagram, and check out all the really cool photos people are posting for the challenge!

Until next time, Happy Knitting!!

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Look – I have actual knitting!

Hi again!

January was great, because I did some actual ‘me’ knitting for a change!  I squeezed it in among my design submission call swatching and whatnot.  And I finished a couple things, too!

First up: I had these socks on the needles, and had completely forgotten about them until I went looking for my needles to knit another pair of socks! lol!  So – those got finished first (just the one sock was done to start).


Pair of Socks #1

Yarn:  Great Adirondack Yarn Co. Silky Sock in color Beach House
Pattern:  none: Generic plain socks. 72 sts and short row heels. Cuff down.
Needles: Size 0

Then, I knit up a second pair of socks.  I used some of the oldest yarn in my stash (so that I could play along with the TKGA KAL prompts for the month – check it out on Ravelry if you want to play along too – there are new prompts each month!)  These are just another pair of plain socks with short row heels.  I did wrap and turn short rows and didn’t bother to hide the wraps at all – I love how they turned out!


Pair of Socks #2

I was knitting merrily along on the first sock and ran out of yarn before I got to the toe!!  The skein was woefully short of yardage – ugh.  (It’s in 50g put-ups, so you need one skein per sock.) So I rummaged and found some leftover blue to knit the toe.  Then on the second sock I would have had enough yarn to finish, but of course I had to make it match, so I used the blue again at the toe. 🙂

Yarn: Claudia Handpaint Yarns Fingering yarn in color Toast
Pattern: none: Generic plain socks. 72 sts and short row heels.  Cuff down.
Needles: Size 0

Short Row heels


‘Frozen Icicles’

Anyway….  And wonder of wonders – I have casted on another ‘me’ project!  This will be a lace shawl using some new yarn I got as an xmas present from my secret santa.  She knows me well, and got me a very ‘Frozen’ looking yarn. ❤ 🙂 The yarn has silver sparkle running through it!


Yarn:   CTW Hunter Yarns Sparkle Sock in color Frozen Icicles
Pattern:  Sacre Coeur
Needles: Size 6

I’m knitting this to fit one of February’s TKGA KAL themes, but I really don’t know if I’ll get this done by the end of February.  I’m busy swatching madly for a couple new calls that have deadlines mid-February, and I have to get working on two patterns (and samples) and an article as well.  So, sadly my ‘me’ knitting time is going to dwindle again in February and into March. 😦  Oh well.  I do tend to love my design knitting as well, so it’s not that much of a hardship!

Happy Knitting!

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I got a new Stitch Dictionary!

Hello again!  I hope your January has been a good one.  Mine has!

In preparation for doing research and writing an article and pattern on Estonian Lace, I’ve ordered a few books directly from Estonia.  The first one arrived earlier this week: Pitsilised Koekirjad by Leili Reimann (2nd edition 1986).  (As near as I can figure out – the title means Lace Knitting.  But I do not speak or read Estonian, so that is just a guess!)


This is an Estonian Lace stitch dictionary.  I found this second edition from a seller in Estonia on Etsy.  It was reasonably priced for such a hard-to-find book, even with shipping!

Although the beginning pages are all in Estonian (it is a book for Estonians after all) – the rest of the book is simply pictures of swatches and charts.  The pictures are mostly in black and white – the first few are in color – which is fine for showing stitches.  Some of the pictures are of a pretty low quality, which makes seeing the actual stitch pattern difficult, but that is the exception.  The charts use a different set of symbols than we here in the States are used to, but thankfully there is a pdf translation of the symbols available online.


I’m excited to start swatching from the book and trying some stitch patterns out!  After discovering that the first edition has some different stitch patterns in it, I’ve ordered a copy of the 1st edition off ebay as well. 🙂 (I’m a sucker for a good stitch dictionary, especially lace!)  I’ll post about it when it gets here!  I do have a couple more Estonian books headed my way (and some yarn as well) – I’ll post about those when they get here as well- hopefully they will arrive soon.  I’m really excited to delve deeper into this topic for my article!

Happy Knitting!


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New Year, New Designs

Hello! Happy New Year everyone!  🙂

I’ve had a couple new designs (and an article) published since I last checked in!

An article on Thrumming and a pattern for a thrummed cowl and hand muff (Arctic Cowl and Muff) was published in the newest Cast On.  This is the first all-digital Cast On issue – and it is a great issue! Chock full of great patterns and articles.

More recently I had a hat and cowl set published in the newest Knit Picks publication – Quick and Cozy.  The Mirzam Hat and Cowl:

I had a lot of fun designing this set. It’s knit in a bulky yarn, and the stitch pattern is a fun one!

I really hope to do better about more regularly posting here this year! I’ve got a big pattern in the works due to come out in the summer that I’m very excited about (a lace shawl!) and more lace for the summer issue of Cast On, and some socks in the works, plus some teaching opportunities I’m working on as well! It’s all set to be a fantastic 2017!

Happy Knitting, and I’ll be posting again soon! 🙂

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