Any pattern errata will be located here.

Lilah Shawl (Knitty Spring/Summer 2011):
There is an error in the Final Feather chart! The first k2tog in row 9 should be a knit stitch.

There is also an error in the materials section for the large shawl – it would require 2 skeins of white and one skein of black – the quantities listed are switched.

Beginner’s Socks Pattern

(Second revision):  in Row 4 of the Heel turn section, it calls for a k2tog, when it should be an SKP, like the other right side rows.  Also, at the toe directions, use needle 4, not needle 3, to knit the last 4 stitches.  The new revision has these items fixed.

(first issue): There is an error in the toe decrease section – it should read “You should have 10 sts on needle 1, 20 sts on needle 2, and 10 sts on needle 3.” (Current revision is corrected.)